Our website focuses on our extensive online catalogue, but in this section you can find a mixture of information provided by ourselves and publishers. Some titles do not link to pages - this is because there is no "current" information to provide.

If there is something you would like to see here, please let us know!

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The list of publishers is quite long! We are pleased to supply music from a number of lesser-known specialist publishers from around the world as well as the biggest names in classical and contemporary music publication. If you are a publisher as yet not on this list, please email us or use our web form on the "Contact Us" page.


If you thought that the list of publishers was long (and it is), then don't delve into the list of composers. When we first put them all on one page it took a very long time to download, so we've broken it down a bit. It's here for reference, but we recommend using the hound's main search box in most instances. Classical composers are indexed by Surname/Family name but contemporary artists might be shown under their first name or initial.

Other links

Our web links page brings together the resources we presented for players, teachers and students. We hope you find these useful; in general we do not list other "directory" sites but try to present relevant information resources. If you represent an authoritative information resource which you would like to see included or amended, please email us or use our web form on the "Contact Us" page.