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R Johnson R Kelly R Martin R.E.M. Raasted N Raats Raats J Rab V Rabaud H Rabb Rabb J Rabbath F Rabboni G Rabe G Rabe S Rabe W Rabey R Rabey Y Rabinovich D Rabinovitch Rabinowitz C Rabl Rabol G Raboud H Rabsch E Race Racey Rachlin E Rachmaninov Rachmaninov Sergei, Schubert Franz, Rimski-Korsako Racine Racine & Moreau Racine & Ortiz Rack B Rackett Rackham Rackwitz W Racol M Racusen Racy A Raczkowski Rada J Radaelli Radano R Radanovics Radanovics M Radaue Radauer I Radcliffe P Raddatz O Rader D Radice Radice M Radiohead Radko P Radmall P Radnai M Radole G Radolt Radolt W Radomski J Radulescu Radulescu H Radulescu M Radulesscu Radvilovich A Rae & Cornick Rae B Rae C Rae J Raecke Raecke H-K Rafael Raff Raff J Rafferty G Raffy L Raffy N Rafter L Ragazzo P Rage Against Rage Against the Machine Ragge M Rago Ragossnig Ragossnig K Ragsdale V Rague L Ragwit Ragwitz E Rahn Rahn F Rahn W-D Rahusen H Raichl M Raickovich Raimond S Raimondo V Raimund F Rain Rainbow Raine A Raine-Reusch R Raines N Raines R Rainey C Rainford Rainier Rainier P Rainprechter Rains W Raisigl M Raisin D Raison A Raja & Tonolo Rajeczky B Rajna T Rak Rak S Rakov Rakov L Rakov N Rakow Rakowski Rakowski D Raks Raksin D Ralf R Ralph A Ralph Agresta Ralph Denyer Ralph Johnson Ralph McTell Ralph Towner Ralston Ralston A Ralston G Ram B Ram Jam Ramann Ramann B Ramann L Ramaut-Chevassus B Ramazzotti Ramazzotti E Rambo Rameau Rameau J Rameau J-P Rameau, Jean-Philippe Rameau; Giordani Ramehda Ramey Ramey P Ramin G Ramin R Ramin S Raminsh Raminsh I Raminsh L Ramirez Ramirez A Ramirez P Ramis de Pareia B Rammstein Ramone D Ramones Ramos Ramos S Ramovs Ramovs P Rampal Rampley M Ramsay Ramsay H Ramsey Ramsey & Foster Ramsey A Ramsey B Ramsey D Ramsey R Ramshaw Ramsier P Ramskill R Ramsoe Ramsoe W Ran S Rancid Rand Randall & Peterson Randall & Randall Randall A Randall D Randall M Randall Snyder Randall W Randall Williams Randazzo R Randegger A Randerson H Randhartinger B Randolph Randolph & Rich Randolph J Randolph, Randolph & Rich Rands B Randy Brecker Randy Crawford Randy Newman Raney Raney J Raney J RaneyJ Rangstroem T Ranieri M Ranieri S Ranish J Ranjbaran B Rank R Ranki G Rankin & Hiley Rannanmaki Rannanmaki J Ransome F Rao Rao D Rao H Rapaport R Rapee & Pollack Rapf K Raph Raph A Raph P Raph T Raphael Raphael G Raphling S Rapley F Rapoport Raposo Rardin Rardin P Rarich W Rasbach Rasbach D Rasbach O Rascel R Rasch Rasch K Rasch T Rascher Rascher S Raschke Raselius A Raselli F Raskatov Raskin Raskin J Rasmussen Rasmussen & Hom Rasmussen K Rasmussen M Rasmussen P Rasquier H Rast-Lerch W Ratcliffe Rateau J Ratez E Rathaus Rathaus K Rathberger V Rathbone Rathbone C Rathbone G Rathbone J Rathbun J Rathburn Rathge Rathgeber Rathgeber J Rathgeber V Rathke O Rathus Ratke M Ratledge J Ratner L Ratner S Ratt Rattalino P Rattenbach A Rattle S Ratz E Ratzeburger Ratzinger J Ratzkowski Ratzkowski T Rau C Raube Rauber F Rauch A Rauchenecker Rauchfleisch U Raue R Raugel F Raukhverger Raum Raum E Raum M Rausch Rauscher H Rautavaara Rautavaara E Rauter F Rava Raval S Ravanello O Ravazzi Ravel Ravel M Ravel; Casella Ravelhofer B Ravenal Ravenscroft Ravenscroft & Piers Ravenscroft & Cobb Ravenscroft E Ravenscroft T Ravera N Ravina H Ravize A Raw W Rawcliffe Rawlings T Rawlins R Rawls L Rawson & Camia Rawson H Rawsthorne Rawsthorne A Rawsthorne N Rawthorn & Larkin Raxach E Ray Ray A Ray Charles Ray Hilderbrand Ray J Ray L Ray LaMontagne Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs Ray Noble Ray Peterson Ray Santisi Ray Stevens Raybould Raybould C Raye & Prince Raykhelson I Rayki G Rayleigh Rayment Raymond Erickson Raymond J Raymond R Raynal G Raynaud J Raynaud-Zurfluh S Rayne J Rayner Rayner A Rayner I Rayner J Raynor J Razaf & Waller Razaf Johnson & Fats Waller Razek A Razorlight Razumeeva T Rchards G Rea Rea C Read Read D Read F Read G Read H Read M Read P Read R Readdey B Readdy B Reade P Reader Reader B Reader E Reading J Reagan Reaks Reaks B Reamonn Reaney Reardon C Rearick Rearick M Reaser R Rebeca Mauleon Rebel Rebel J Rebelo J Reber H Reber P Rebfrow K Rebholz W Rebikoff Rebikoff V Rebikoff W Rebikov Rebikov V Rebner W Reboisson Rebotier J Reboud R Rebours G Rebscher G Rebscher, G Rechberger H Rechsteiner I Rechtman I Reck D Recker L Reckling A Reckmann H Recknell T Rector J Red B Red Box Red Hot Chili Red Hot Chili Peppers Red Hot Chilli Red Hot Chilli Peppers Reda S Redd S Redding Redding N Redding O Redding R Reddy H Redeghieri F Redel M Reder Redford Redford J Redgate C Redgate R Redhead R Redl F Redlic Redman Redman J Redman R Redner L Redshaw A Redston D Redstone Redus C Reed Reed & Leach Reed A Reed H Owen Reed J Reed L Reed O Reed R Reed S Reed W Reeder Reef Reeman Reeman J Rees Rees & Lowry Rees D Rees Dom A Rees J Rees-Davies Rees-Davies I Rees-Davies J Rees-Davis I Reese Reese J Reeser E Reeves Reeves B Reeves C Reeves K Reeves Tomlin & Watts Reeves V / The Wonderstuff Regamey Regan Regan M Reger Reger M Regi Regier D Reginald Dixon Regis J Regnar Regnard Regnard F Regnart Regnart F Regnart J Regner Regner H Regney Regney & Shayne Regney N Regondi G Regteren REH Rehberg Rehding A Rehfeld K Rehl Rehm Rehm O Rehm W Rehman Reibel G Reiber Reich Reich F Reich S Reicha Reicha A Reicha J Reicha M Reichal Reichard J Reichardt Reichardt B Reichardt G Reichardt J Reichardt L Reichardt R Reiche E Reiche G Reiche H Reiche J Reichel Reichel A Reichel B Reichelt Reichelt I Reichenbach Reichenthal Reichert Reichert M Reichna A Reichter F Reid Reid & Brooker Reid & Carr Reid C Reid D Reid G Reid J Reid R Reid S Reid T Reidhammer Reiding O Reidmeister & Gutman Reift & Skolar Reift & Slokar Reift M Reiger Reigger Reighley Reihe Reijngoud I Reilly & Olson Reilly A Reilly D Reilly E Reilly J Reilly M Reiman-Armbrust Reimann Reimann A Reimann H Reimer E Reimerdes F Rein Rein W Rein/lang Reinagle Reinagle A Reinagle J Reinberger K Reinbothe Reincken J Reinecke Reinecke C Reinecke K Reinecke KH Reiner H Reiner J Reiner K Reiner T Reinhard A Reinhardt Reinhardt B Reinhardt D Reinhart F Reinhart H Reinho Reinhold H Reinhold O Reinhold TC Reininger A Reinke G Reinken J Reinl F Reinold H Reinoso Reinshagen Reisch C Reisch Stolz & Graham Reisdorff E Reise J Reiser Reiser N Reiser T Reisfeld Reisfeld B Reisinger W Reisner; Franck Reiss C Reiss G Reissiger C Reissiger K Reissiger KG Reissinger F Reissinger M Reissler M Reissner Z Reitano M Reiter Reiter A Reiter J Reitz Reitz H Reitz J Reizenstein Reizenstein F Rejcha Rejcha A Rejina M Rejino Rekow & Perazzo Relf & Nelson Relin A Relix Relmes L Relton Relton W REM Rema Remaud G Rembt Rembt J Rembt J E Remenyi A Remington T Remiro M Remnant M Remondi Rempel & Kuntzmann Rempp C Remusat J Remusat-Leduc Remy J Remy M Remy-Domirey Renaldi G Renard & Thibaut Renard A Renard C Renard G Renard J Renaud Renaud A Renaud R Renaudin B Renaudin P Renauld P Renault A Renault J Renault O Renbourn J Rendall E Rendall H Rendell Rendine S Rendler Rene & Ellison Rene C Reneman W Renfordt J Renfrow Renfrow K Renger Renie H Renieu L Renis T Rennick E Renold F Renosto P Rens J Rentmeister Renton F Rentz Rentz E Rentz Turner E Rentzon Rentzsch F Renwick P Renwick W Reo Speedwagon Repoulis M Requena O Rern Reschofsky S Rescigno E Rescue Resinarius B Reske W Resphighi O Resphigi Resphigi O Respighi Respighi E Respighi O Restinger J Reswick P Retchkunov M Rettich W Reuben N Reubke Reubke J Reuchsel E Reuchsel M Reuchselo E Reuland Reuning Reusch Reusner Reusner E Reuss A Reussner E Reuter Reuter C Reuter F Reutter Reutter G Reutter H Reutter J Reuttter Rev Gary Davis Revaux J Revel P Revell M Revell P Revell R Revelli W Reventos Reverdy & Guelis Reverdy M Reverdy P Revesz Reveyron J Reville H Revueltas Revueltas S Revueltas S; Rew H Rexroat L Rexrot Rexroth Rey H Reyer E Reyes Reyes A Reyman Reyman R Reymond R Reyne G Reynold F Reynolds Reynolds A Reynolds C Reynolds F Reynolds G Reynolds G Reynolds J Reynolds P Reynolds R Reynolds V Reynolds W Reznicek E Reznicek J Reznicow J Reznik M Rhau G Rhau J Rhaw Rhaw G RHCP Rhea Rhea L Rhea R Rheinberger Rheinberger J Rhene-Baton Rhind-Tutt M Rhine Rhinegold Rhinow H-J Rhoads W Rhoda J Rhode Rhode M Rhoden Rhodes Rhodes H Rhodes K Rhodes P Rhodes S Rhodes T Rhymed Riadis E Riano J Riavec & Worschech Riavec J Ribary A Ribas M Ribault A Ribaupierre Ribiere-Raverlat J Ribollet A Ribour P Riccardi E Ricci L Ricci P Ricci R Riccio & Belli Riccio G Ricciotti C Rice Rice & John Rice & Lloyd Webber Rice & Menken Rice & Wade Rice A Rice J Rice N Rice T Rich Rich A Rich B Rich C Rich DelGrosso Rich F Rich G Rich Holly Rich J Richard Carpenter Richard & Midler Richard Allain Richard Ashcroft Richard Baker Richard Barone Richard C Richard C & Newton-John O Richard Carpenter Richard Clayderman Richard Claydermann Richard Corr Richard Daniels Richard Davis Richard G Richard Germer Richard Gilewitz Richard Kislan Richard Knight Richard Marx Richard Pick Richard Rodgers Richard Smith Richard Thompson Richard Whiting Richards Richards T Richards & Aubrey Richards & Dearlove Richards & Leigh Richards & McNeill Richards A Richards B Richards D Richards G Richards H Richards J Richards K Richards P Richards R Richards S Richards T Richardson Richardson & Jones Richardson A Richardson B Richardson C Richardson D Richardson J Richardson M Richardson N Richardson S Richardson T Richardson W Richartz Richartz W Richelet J Richepin T Richer J Richer M Riches Richie Richie L Richie Sambora Richmond R Richmond W Richner T Richolson G Richte Richter Richter & Ware Richter A Richter E Richter F Richter G Richter K Richter K-D Richter M Richter W Rick Dees & His Cast of Idiots Rick Gratton Rick J Rick Laird Rick Peckham Rick Silva Rickard Rickard & Cox Rickard & Cox Rickard & Tubb Rickard D Rickards Rickards C Rickards G Rickards S Ricker Ricker & Weiskopf Ricker & Weiskpof Ricker R Ricketts Rickman F Ricky Ian Gordon Ricky Martin Ricquier Devic & Crisci Ricquier M Riddle N Rideout B Rider Ridge Ridgely & Mole Ridgeon J Ridgers & Hammerstein Ridgley & Mole Ridil C Ridley S Ridley W Ridout Ridout & Delve Ridout A Ridout G Rieck J Riedel Riedel K Riedemann P Rieder A Rieder B Riedhammer A Rieding Rieding O Rieding Seitz & Vivaldi Riedt Riedt F Riefkohl L Rieger & Walter( Riegger Riegger W Riegler T Riehle K Riehm R Rieman Riemann & Brockhaus Riemann H Riemenschnieder G Riemsdijk Rienecker K Riepe R Riera Riera R Ries Ries F Ries J Riesco C Riess Riessler Riethm Riethmuller Riethmuller H Rieti Rieti V Rietz Rietz J Rieu A Rieunier & Descaves Rieunier F Rieunier J Rife M Riffel B Riffler R Rigai A Rigal M Rigatti Rigby & Hedger Riggs Righi S Righini Righini P Righini V Righiui Right Said Fred Rigler J Rihanna Rihm Rihm W Rihm WolfgangRihm W Riisager Riisager K Riisager, K Riker Riker W Rikhter E Rikky Rooksby Riley Riley & Vidacovich Riley D Riley G Riley H Riley J Riley L Riley M Riley P Riley R Riley S Rilke Rillin Rimbault E Rimbout Rimm R Rimmer Rimmer F Rimmer H Rimmer J Rimmer W Rimonte P Rimsky Korsakov Rimsky-Korsakoff Rimsky-Korsakov Rimsky-Korsakov N Rimsky-Korsakov; Arensky Rinck Rinck C Rinck J Rinck J C H Rinderer L Rinehart M Ring Ring Down the Curtain Ring J Ringe R Ringer A Ringham W Ringk J Ringleben Ringma Rings S Ringwald R Rink J Rinke Ranke & Rosenschein Rinkens W Rinker Rinks Rinks D Rio Riotte P Riou A Riou J Rioux J Riperton & Rudolph Rippen Rippen P Rippert J Rips P Risager K Rische Q Risher A Risher T Risinger RISM Rissager Risset J Rissland K Rist Ristori G Rit M Rita MacNeill Ritchey Ritchie Ritchie A Ritchie Blackmore Ritchie G Ritchie J Ritchie Stauffer & George Ritnik J Rittenhouse Ritter Ritter A Ritter C Ritter G Ritter P Ritter R Rittershaus M Rittman T Ritz D Riu E Rivafrecha M Rivander P Rivard W Rivas D Rive T Rivelli F Rivera C Rivers Rivers & Wykes Rivers P Riveyro M Rivier J Riviere J Rivoal Y Rixmann Rixner Rixner J Rizza M Rizzi A Rizzo Rizzo G Rizzo J Rizzo-Horton-Blalock Rizzoli F Rly Roach T Roamn Roan M Roat Rob Gainey Rob MacKillop Rob Mullins Robart H Robb G Robb Lawrence Robben Ford Robbie Robertson Robbie Williams Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogu Robbins Robbins & Mitchell Robbins G Robbins-Landon Roberday F Robert Robert Burns Robert G Robert Garland Robert J Robert Jager Robert Johnson Robert Levine Robert Miles Robert P Robert Palmer Robert Plant Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Robert Ray Robert Rodriguez Robert S Robert Safir Robert Sherlaw Johnson Robert Sterling Robert Y Robert-Diessel L Roberta Flack Roberto E Roberto Poli Roberton Roberton H Roberton R Roberts Roberts & Fuller Roberts & Sharp Roberts Bacharach & Sager Roberts C Roberts G Roberts J Roberts L Roberts M Roberts P Roberts R Roberts S Roberts T Roberts V Roberts W Roberts-James J Robertshaw H Robertson Robertson & Humphries Robertson A Robertson B A / Bell M Robertson D Robertson E Robertson G Robertson H Robertson J Robertson K Robertson W Roberty M Robets S Robin Robin & Rainger Robin & Styne Robin Hawdon Robin J Robin Kessinger Robin L Robin Roller Robin Trower Robin-Perreau G Robinovitch Robins Robinson Robinson & Althouse Robinson A Robinson C Robinson D Robinson E Robinson H Robinson J Robinson K Robinson L Robinson M Robinson P Robinson R Robinson S Robinson T Robinson W Robison P Robjohns S Robledo A Robledo M Robles D Robson Robson & Jerome Robson A Robson J Robson W Robyn L Roca Roca L Rocca G Rocca L Rocchi A Rocco J Roch Rochard Rochberg G Roche & Doury Roche C Roche E Roche J Roche R Rocherolle Rocherolle E Rochinski S Rochner O Rochut Rochut J Rock Rock B Rock Band 2 Rock School Rockabilly Rockschool Rockwell J Rocky Balboa Rod Fogg Rod Stewart Rodak Rodby Rodby W Rodby W Roddie M Rode Rode J Rode P Roden R Roden S Rodereda Roders & Hammerstein Rodewald C Rodgers Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammesrtein Rodgers & Hammrestein Rodgers & Hart Rodgers & Hmamerstein Rodgers and Hammerstein Rodgers B Rodgers I Rodgers J Rodgers P Rodgers R Rodgers S Rodionov K Rodman R Rodney Rodney Bennett R Rodolphe Rodolphe & Crapelet Rodor Rodrigo Rodrigo J Rodrigo y Gabriela Rodriguez Rodriguez A Rodriguez C Rodriguez G Rodriguez M Rodriguez P Rodriguez R Rodshtein A Roe Roe B Roe H Roeckel Roeckel J Roeder Roeder G Roeder M Roeder T Roehmann & Wilson Roehr Roehr W Roehr-Hilleman Roelcke C Roentgen J Roesch F Roese Roesgen-Champion M Roessler E Roessler F (Rosetti) Roesti L Roethke Roff Roff J Rogala Rogaliov I Rogalskaya O Rogalyov I Rogan J Roger D Roger Day Roger K Roger R Roger V Roger Waters Roger Whittaker Roger Williams Roger-Ducasse J Rogers Rogers & Hammerstein Rogers & Walker Rogers A Rogers B Rogers C Rogers D Rogers E Rogers G Rogers K Rogers K / Parton D Rogers M Rogers P Rogers R Rogers S Rogers T Rogers W Rogerty Rogez S Rogg L Roggenkamp P Rogier P Rogister F Rognon Rogoll Rohan J Rohde Rohe R Rohl U Rohlig H Rohloff S Rohr Rohr & Lehn Rohr & Ziegenricker Rohr D Rohrer E Rohwer J Roidinger A Roikjer Roikjer K Roizenblat A Rojahn C Rojas Rojko U Rokoko Rokos K Rokseth Y Roland Roland A Roland C Roland-Manuel Roldan Roldan A Rolf Harris Rolf M Rolf Wallin Rolfe W Rolia Rolin E Roll Rolla Rolla A Rolla, Alessandro Rolland & Johnson Rolland G Rolland P Rolle Rolle J Rollez J Rolli H Rollin Rollin C Rollin J Rollin M Rolling Stones Rollins S Rollinson T Rollo Dilworth Roloff W Rolseth B Rolt B Rom U Romaldi Roman Roman J Romani G Romani S Romanino Romanovsky N Romanowski & George-Warren & Pareles Romanowski O Rombaut J Romberg Romberg & Donnelly Romberg A Romberg B Romberg F Romberg H Romberg J Romberg M Romberg S Romby P Rome Rome H Romeo Romeo S Romera C Romero Romero & Ruiz Romero A Romero C Romero R Romitelli F Romiti R Rommereim Rommereim J Romney Ron Carter Ron Delp Ron Goodwin Ron Middlebrook Ron Odrich Ron Spagnardi Ronald Ronald L Ronald Lynn Wood Ronan Keating Roncalli Roncalli L Roncero V Ronchini F Rondeau Rondino Rondo Veneziano Ronell Ronell & Wilmott Ronnefeld P Ronning Ronseca Ronstadt L Rontgen J Rood Rood L Rooda Rooda G Rooke & Arch Rooke J Rooke P Rooks J Rooksby Rooksby R Rooper J Roos M Root Root & Pearson Root F Root G Root T Rooth Rooth L Rootham C Ropartz Ropartz G Ropartz J Ropek J Roper A Roper J Roper S Ropers D Roques J Roques L Roquin L Rorem Rorem N Rorich Rorich K Rory Block Rory Gallagher Rosa & Neciosup Rosa F Rosa M Rosa S Rosado Rosalla Rosania Rosanna Rocci Rosas Rosas J Rosasco Rosati & Hunt Rosati G Rosauro N Roscetti Roschdestwenski Rosche Rose Rose & Conlon Rose & Turner Rose B Rose Brown & Henderson Rose C Rose D Rose F Rose G Rose J Rose M Rose P Rose Royce Rose S Rose-Hirsch Roseablum Roseberry Roseingrave R Roseingrave T Rosel A Roseman R Rosen Rosen & Pigozzi Rosen A Rosen D Rosen M Rosenbaum Rosenbaum & Heinl Rosenbaum A Rosenbaum S Rosenberg Rosenberg H Rosenberg R Rosenberg S Rosenberg W Rosenblatt A Rosenblith E Rosenblum Rosenblum J Rosene D Rosene P Rosenf Rosenfeld G Rosenfeld L Rosenfield G Rosengart A Rosenhain J Rosenhaus Rosenheck A Rosenkranz Rosenman L Rosenmueller J Rosenmuller Rosenmuller J Rosenstengel Rosenstengel A Rosenstiel Rosenthal Rosenthal A Rosenthal D Rosenthal F Rosenthal L Rosenthal M Rosenthal P Rosenvald H Rosetti Rosetti A Rosetti F Rosetty Rosetty & de Ruiter Rosewall Rosewall R Rosewell Rosiana Rosier A Rosier C Rosier K Rosing J Rosing-Schow Rosing-Schow N Roske Roslavets N Roslavetz Roslawez Roslawez N Rosler F Rosler J Rosler-Rosetti F Ross Ross & Richie Ross B Ross C Ross E Ross M Ross R Ross W Ross-Koln T Rossa Rossa & Kuusisto Rossa & Szilvay Rossa L Rossa S Rossari Rossari G Rosse Rosse F Rossee F Rosselli J Rossellini R Rosselson L Rosser & Gunod Rosseter P Rossetti Rossetti F Rossi Rossi & Marazza Rossi & Vessia Rossi A Rossi F Rossi G Rossi M Rossi R Rossi S Rossi T Rossi V Rossi, MRossi M Rossignol & Tenaud Rossignol B Rossin Rossington J Rossini Rossini & Resphigi Rossini & Respighi Rossini & Sarasate Rossini & Verdi Rossini - Respighi Rossini G Rossini, Rossini/Respighi Rossinni Rossler Rossler F Rostal Rostal M Rostand C Rostropovitch Rosza M Rota Rota A Rota N Rotaru D Rotas N Roth Roth A Roth D Roth M Roth R Roth S & B Rothenberg Rothenberg & Althouse Rothery Rothery K Rothfarb L Rothgarber Rothgarber H Rothrock Rothschuh F Rothwell E Rott H Rotta A Rottenberg L Rottger H Roubier H Roucairol J Rougeron P Rouget de l'Isle C Rough Guide Rougnon Rougnon P Rouma W Roumeguere A Rouse Rouse C Rousel A Roussanova Lucas Rousseau Rousseau A Rousseau E Rousseau J Roussel Roussel A Roussel Al Roussevitzky S Routh Routh F Routley Routley E Routley E Rouvier J Rouwkema D Roux Roux F Rovelli P Rovner U Rovsing Olsen Rovsing Olsen P Row Rowan W Rowan W Rowbottom W Rowcroft Rowcroft J Rowe & Clark Rowe D Rowland & Tysh Rowland B Rowland D Rowland W Rowland-Jones A Rowlands W Rowley Rowley A Rowthorn Rowthorn J Rox J Roxbourgh E Roxburgh E Roxette Roxy Music Roy Roy A Roy C Roy Castle Roy K Roy Newman Roy Orbison Roy Slack R Royal Schools of Church Music Royal Scots' Roye Wates Royer Royer J Royse Royse M Rozalla Rozanov S Rozenbaum A Rozsa M Rozsavolgy M Rozsavolgyi Rozycki Rozycki L Rubben H Rubbra Rubbra E Ruben Studdard Rubens Rubens & Tours Rubin Rubin & Holder Rubin D Rubin M Rubini G Rubino Rubino J Rubinstein Rubinstein & Carneno Rubinstein A Rubinstein B Rubinstein D Rubio Rubsamen Ruchevskaya E Ruckauf A Ruckert G Rucquois J Rudajev A Ruddell Ruddle V Ruders Ruders P Rudge H Rudgers Rudgers G Rudhyar D Rudi Rudi Dolezal & Joesi Prokopetz Rudiger A Rudin Rudin R Rudisser H Rudland Galley & Marshall Rudnev S Rudnick W Rudolph Rudolph Archduke of Austria Rudolph G Rudolph P Rudolphe M Rudolphin Rudrum K Ruebke Rueff J Ruegg Ruegg M Ruegger Ruegger C Ruelle F Ruera J Ruetter Ruetz Ruetz M RuetzRuetz(ed) Ruf Rufeisen A Rufer P Rufet M Ruff Ruffin J Ruffo V Rufin R Rufus & Chaka Khan Rufus Reid Rufus Wainwright Ruggeberg M Ruggier R Ruggieri Ruggieri G Ruggieri J Ruggiero G Ruggles C Ruggueri Ruhlmann J Ruhm Ruhm G Ruhmann M Ruhrmann Ruijters R Ruis Ruitjers Ruiz Ruiz de Lara M Ruiz de Ribayaz L Ruiz G Ruiz l Ruiz O Ruiz Pipo Ruiz-Pipo Ruiz-Pipo A Rule G Rullier M Rullman C Ruloffs Rulst-Rema Rumeau G Rumer Rummel Rummel C Rummel J Rumpel Runestad J Rung F Runge Runge H Runge J Runolfson Runolfsson Runswick Runswick D Runyan Runyan M Runyan W Runyan W Runze Ruoff & Crow Rupert C Rupes G Ruppe Ruppe F Ruppel P Ruppel P / Schweizer R Rupprecht P Rusbridge Rusch Rusch G Rusch W Rusconi G Rush Rush J Rush M Rushby-Smith J Rushden P Rushford G Rushton J Ruskin R Russ - Bovelino Russ M Russ Miller Russ W Russ-Bovelino W Russel W Russell Russell & Farrell Russell & Medley Russell A Russell B Russell Brown Russell C Russell H Russell K Russell L Russell M Russell N Russell O Russell Schulz-Widmar Russell T Russell W Russell Watson Russell-Smith Russell-Smith G Russo Russo J Russo W Rust Rust F Rusu-Kozulina N Ruszinski Rut J Rutgers Ruth Kenward Ruth Lowe Ruthardt A Ruthenfranz R Rutherford Rutkowski Rutkowski A Rutowski Rutter Rutter J Rutter J Rutterford P Ruttger H Rutti C Ruud Ruwe J Ruymar L Ruyneman D Ruyssen Ruzicka P Ryan Ryan Adams Ryan E Ryan G Ryan J Ryan M Ryan P Ryba Ryba J Rybicki Rybicki F Rybkina & Shevereva Rybnikov A Rychilk J Rychlik J Rycoth Ryden Ryden W Rydin A Ryerson F Rymal Rynkiewicz R Ryom P Rys & Bourtayre Rys G Ryterband Rytmiske Rzewski F