Our Commitment to You

1. Quality of service

We want to provide the highest quality service possible, because that will help us in the longer term, as well as you. This page sets out the standards that we wish to maintain.

2. Dealing with enquiries

We endeavour to respond to queries within 48 hours, but there are some that we will have to check with our suppliers. That can lead to delay, so we will acknowledge your query within 72 hours and let you know what we are doing for you.

3. Processing orders

For items not in stock, we will normally place orders on our suppliers up to twice a week. This means that we expect to deliver available products to you within 7 to 10 working days of your order.

Where a larger order is only part complete at this stage, we will either ship the part-order to you or contact you for your instructions. We do not make any further postage charge for completing the delivery.

4. Accuracy of processing

We do not like making mistakes, but they do happen from time to time. If we make a mistake, we undertake to correct it without question and at no additional cost to you, our customer.

If we have made an error, please contact us by Email as soon as possible.

5. Communicating with you

We will communicate with you by Email where possible but, if that proves problematic, we might need to revert to other methods.

This means you need to tell us how to contact you, so please do not register a spam-trap address, as that rather defeats the purpose! A telephone number in case of query is also helpful.

6. Mailing lists

We will not add you onto any mailing list of our own unless you ask, nor sell your name and address to any other organisation.

7. Complaints and disputes

It is always our intention to provide the best possible service. If, for any reason, you are disappointed in the level of service we have provided, we do want to know.

You can contact us by Email or post at the addresses listed in our contacts page and we will undertake to look into any complaint carefully and promptly.